Working With The Heart Is the Key To Unlocking The New Earth

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

When we hear about the aquarian age, new earth, heaven on earth its important to know what it is really and how it relates to you personally on your journey of transformation.

One of the major themes of transforming into the new Aquarian age will be bridging heaven and earth.

In the past age we have relied heavy upon the mind but have not used it to its full and capacity and potential.

To gain access to the true potential of our minds, which is to help envision, and visualize while relying on the other intelligences of our bodies, we have to begin to tune into the other intelligence of our bodies.

Right now to prepare for this the current transits are calling for us and have been calling us to begin to further evolve the intelligence of our hearts.

It has proven that the heart has a great capacity to healing and even has its own nervous system.

This is when the bridge comes in.

The mind - physically is represented as the crown chakra- is heaven.

And the heart- it's chakra color being green- represents the earth.

Right now on the road to transformation it is important to begin to listen to your heart.

Do the healing work to transform your heart.

All that has come up in 2020, Covid 19, racial injustice, political chaos, is all an opportunity for you to tune into your heart and ask your self what these things personally mean to you and how can you open up to another layer of love within yourself.

You can choose to contract or expand, and like the heart- sometimes we contract to expand, but don't get stuck in a strict contraction or a far reaching expansion that creates polarity, division and disconnection.

The heart calls for you to get real.

Acknowledge your discomfort, your pain, your fear. This is no time for the illusion of false expansion. To get to real expansion you must feel the contraction. Just think about birth.

To realize heaven on earth outside of you, you must create it from within.

Work with your heart and you will experience the new visions that your mind will create for a better world.

Let's go even deeper for my esoteric folks out there. Working on the connection between heaven on earth is another expression of the Holy Trinity.

In Christianity it is Father (Heaven) Son/Christ (Bridge) Holy Spirit (Earth)

In Hinduism its Brahma, Visnu, and Shiva

For the Egyptians its Osiris, Isis and Horus (Calmia, Maureen).

In Feng Shui which is based on Ancient Chinese spirituality