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Hello There, my name is Rosie or Rose and I want to welcome you to my newsletter or blog (depending on where you are seeing this) .

A little bit about me

I am a Black Haitian American Woman who is on the journey of continuous soul transformation.

Like you and many, I have carried many aspects of myself that had been secretly hidden, untouched and unlooked prior to embarking on this journey of soul transformation.

At some point in my life I believed my identity lay in

Looking the best ~

Speaking the best ~

Being the smartest ~

Being the most educated ~

Excelling ~

Being Superior ~

Singing Well ~

Pleasing Others~

Having Others Like me ~

Being Ahead ~

I worked hard to keep up these facades, but at night unknown to many I would lie in bed in tears crying because those were temporary remedies and survival mechanism hiding the pain and the deep anguish I was really in due to the traumas, losses, and hard experiences in my life.

One day I got the rug pulled up from under me. Through a series of events I lost everything I had built with my facades.

I was broken. My community who had admired me now were pointing fingers at me.

After a while I went through so much that I did not speak well. I did not look good; I almost lost my mind. I was no longer that all-star person that people saw me as.

Little did I know that this was the space where my soul had led me so that I could begin to transform and begin to love myself from within instead of clinging on the temporary praise and admiration of others.

Now as I look back, I am Thankful.

As I have been on this journey of transformation, I have regained myself step by step. Not for the admiration of others, but for the deep love of myself, my core essence, the many layers of me that I did not even know was there.

Now that is a gift to the world.

This not always been easy, it took looking at painful truths, sometimes fighting with my inner self with all that I had.

But I was determined, I would feel the joy of experiencing me, of loving… me.

On my journey I learned how my soul evolution and expansion of love within myself helped others evolve.

As I have matured on this journey, I was called by my inner spirit to create my work and business ~ Transformative Rose.

Transformative Rose integrates different aspects of my gifts and skills through perspectives that are based on love and soul evolution.

My main mission in transformative rose is to assist in increasing the vibration of love on the planet.

Through my observations within self and within our world, I have seen that part of our healing is the necessary expansion of our heart centers which have been clogged. Just as our earth has been polluted.

If we can focus on expanding our heart centers through love, we can heal ourselves and our earth.

One of my favorite spiritual journeyers helped me discover how the heart is related to earth… simply by looking at the words! The word earth is in the word heart and the word heart is in the world earth!

I believe that as each one of us commits to this very important journey, we become the architects of a new earth, a new world based on the principles of love, honor, and respect.

Aside from my own inner commitment to this journey, I put this vision into action within these offerings of love to those who are called and ready:

1:1 and Group Transformational Alchemy sessions

These are sessions for those who have the goal to begin/continue their spiritual journey but from a perspective of selflove and inner transformation.

Racial Awareness and Equity from Within – Workshops, Seminars, Business Consulting

To embark on this journey, you have to be willing to face your inner biases and internalizations regarding race and the effects of white supremacy. I utilize a unique soul perspective that not only touches on education but hones on the energy of racism and the necessary racial hearing work that needs to be done for the soul to evolve. This is for both white bodied people and BIPOC.

Mindfulness and Awareness Business and Organizational Consulting

We are in a time where we have to start to operate from a place of love through cultivating mindfulness and awareness. This is what will be necessary for our survival on this earth. I work one on one with businesses and organization to draw to amplify their inner vibrations of love so that they can become heart centered.

The Online Transformative Rose Academy

This is new and developing. This is for those that love an independent study online or learning through video format. Some of the courses that may include worksheets. Some of the courses I look forward to creating are:

Setting Intentions for Optimal Manifestation

Transformative Spirituality 101

Origins of Spirituality

I also have periodic free shares from my heart within this newsletter and blog, but also on my YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Social Media handles. Just search Transformative Rose.

Within this newsletter, and blog I will share my own musings and insights regarding spirit and soul evolution, my journey and musing regarding race (we can’t avoid race if we want to evolve), and upcoming events and opportunities to grow and evolve with me.

Feel free to connect with me if you are wanting to learn more.

I look forward to continuing our journey together!


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