Welcome To Transformative Rose ~ My Journey

Hello There, my name is Rosie or Rose and I want to welcome you to my newsletter or blog (depending on where you are seeing this) .

A little bit about me

I am a Black Haitian American Woman who is on the journey of continuous soul transformation.

Like you and many, I have carried many aspects of myself that had been secretly hidden, untouched and unlooked prior to embarking on this journey of soul transformation.

At some point in my life I believed my identity lay in

Looking the best ~

Speaking the best ~

Being the smartest ~

Being the most educated ~

Excelling ~

Being Superior ~

Singing Well ~

Pleasing Others~

Having Others Like me ~

Being Ahead ~

I worked hard to keep up these facades, but at night unknown to many I would lie in bed in tears crying because those were temporary remedies and survival mechanism hiding the pain and the deep anguish I was really in due to the traumas, losses, and hard experiences in my life.

One day I got the rug pulled up from under me. Through a series of events I lost everything I had built with my facades.

I was broken. My community who had admired me now were pointing fingers at me.

After a while I went through so much that I did not speak well. I did not look good; I almost lost my mind. I was no longer that all-star person that people saw me as.

Little did I know that this was the space where my soul had led me so that I could begin to transform and begin to love myself from within instead of clinging on the temporary praise and admiration of others.

Now as I look back, I am Thankful.

As I have been on this journey of transformation, I have regained myself step by step. Not for the admiration of others, but for the deep love of myself, my core essence, the many layers of me that I did not even know was there.

Now that is a gift to the world.

This not always been easy, it took looking at painful truths, sometimes fighting with my inner self with all that I had.

But I was determined, I would feel the joy of experiencing me, of loving… me.

On my journey I learned how my soul evolution and expansion of love within myself helped others evolve.

As I have matured on this journey, I was called by my inner spirit to create my work and business ~ Transformative Rose.

Transformative Rose integrates different aspects of my gifts and skills through perspectives that are based on love and soul evolution.