We Should Not Be Running From Stereotypes But Walking Towards Them.

We should not be running away from stereotypes we should be walking towards them.

When we say that we create and manifest with our minds it is real and legitimate. With our minds we manifest energy and it becomes real within our field.

This is the same with stereotypes. When we have a thought about a person or people group there are some things, we have to consider

First- that thought did not just come out of thin air.

Where did it come from?

When we tell someone don’t stereotype without expanding upon the social conditioning and constructions that wired their minds to become to think that way.

We are basically telling them to override what they legitimately believe is real and true, forcing them deeper into the illusion, without the proper tools to navigate the conditioning of their minds.

Yes stereotypes did not evolve out of thin air, AND they are more complex than true and not true.

Let's focus on two stereotypes that I am very familiar with. Black males as dangerous and black women as hyper sexual.

When did we start viewing black men as dangerous, or black women hypersexual?

Humans are powerful. Black men are powerful. Humans are sexual. Black women are sexual.

But... when did these aspects turn into hyper-augmented qualities strategically used to alter the way we think about ourselves and each other? Breeding fear and division amongst us?

First while thinikng about this I want to continue to re-iterate that the mind and visualization is a powerful tool. The first step to creating our worlds begins in the mind.

When we have been conditioned by the media, , and been socialized through strategic aims at our subconscious minds to think the way we do and to pass that down for generations, it alters our subconscious minds, but also alters our DNA making it normal to function and think in these ways.

This is the same when it comes to the way we have been conditioned to think and manifest when it comes to the matters of race.

The mind is the first step, the second step is the manifestation to make it real through science and social science. This is a tie from the study and scholarship which legitimized it, then it is manifested through strategic socialization. The study of Eugenics was a strategic way to have science back the inferiority of blacks, on the lowest scale and the supremacy of whites on the highest end of the scale.

Heres and example of the manifestation of the social science. With the rise of crack cocaine in the 80s. Black neighborhoods were hit severely. Richard Nixon had already begun the war on drugs in the 70s which, who has been clear about it being a war against hippies and black people. In the 80s parallel to the rise of the cocaine epidemic ironically Reagan expanded the war on drugs policies through the just say no campaign, passing the anti-drug abuse act having racist ramifications through longer sentences for offenses for black people already from marginalized black populations. This fed the prison industrial complex, contributing to the school to prison pipeline.

With the police raids of the communities came the creation of gangs, initially created to protect the community from police and the increase in crime due to the increase in drugs, alcohol, and terror that these communities were witnessing. Talk about living in an environment of hell where you legitimately cannot breathe.

The third step is to the dance is the internalization. Imagine being a young black man or young black girl trying to find your identity in the world, you look at the television and they only people that look like you on the mirror of the tv screen are women whose bodies are being used as a tool of hyper sexualization, or the roles that you are being played are black women that are deemed to be angry or undesirable. Or for a young man longing for male mentors, leadership, guidance, and affection. On the TV screens only seeing black men as dangerous while living the reality of absent fathers trying to survive in prison systems, overburdened mothers, and communities overridden by trauma, depression, anxiety, and gangs offering kinship but in exchange for the perpetuation of trauma.

You look around in you reality and you witness a community broken, where are your matriarchs of wisdom?, Your sisters of discernment, your brothers in leadership, your fathers of protection and provision? They are fighting their own battles seeped upon them due to the environment they are in. Fighting the gangs, the drugs, the violence, the fear, the sickness, the poverty. In a world that puts little and no value to their life. Manifested in the economic gaps, inequities, systemic racism, murders of black life, and an unjust legal system. So at what point within these generations do the internalizations become real for that little black girl or boy? At what times do these realities begin to alter the DNA? Is it n the womb while their mother fights that trauma of living in a world where the odds are set against them?

When you look around and it seems impossible to make progress because of what has been has been systemically purposed for your role to be the rotten apple in the thread. At what time do you begin to internalize that there must be something wrong with you?

So then the dance is complete. Stereotypes become real. Black women begin to think the only thing they are good for are their bodies, they live it in their communities. Black men begin to view themselves as dangerous and use danger as a defense mechanism due to the reality of living in a community where you have to show your danger side to survive.

White people are programmed that the only thing needed from black people are entertainment, outside of that black are a problem, needing to be controlled to withhold a vampiric system…well except for the few exceptional ones. And exceptional they are for having made it out of a living hell despite the odds, but don’t think even they are not mentally and traumatically affected but the reality, while being expected to give every inch of their being to fix problems and prove their worth to survive. Eventually leading to mental breakdown, mental health crisis, health crisis, community crisis, rage, despair, loss of air. As a former exceptional black girl myself I know what I'm talking about, I've had my own crisis.

But the issue of the stereotype isn’t whether it's real or not real. It is the tunnel vision, the simplistic thinking, the lack of perception. The inability to see beyond. The issue of the stereotype is that it limits multi-faceted complex extraordinary human beings with limitless potential to limited one faceted assumptions and generalizations.

The internalizations of the limitations also play a role in making this a reality.

So the answer to this is EXPANSION. We need to expand our minds but to be able to expand our minds we must first expand our hearts.

To expand our hearts we must heal from the trauma of the illusion that we carry now and have carried for generations.

It is said that healing in the present heals 7 generations before you and 7 generations after you.

So yes you are strategically poised to bring new life and hope to yourself, your ancestors and future generations. Hmm... For Such A Time As This.

To heal we must get real. So don’t run from the stereotypes walk towards them. Whether you are black or white ask yourself:

When did you begin believing these things?

Was it a show? Comments by your parents? Movies, commercials, games,YouTube videos? Hard experiences with another race at school? When did you start being scared and defensive? Where did it come from?

These are only a few of many questions that you can ask yourself on your journey towards racial healing and embodying racial equity.

It will take commitment and brutal honesty while facing the hidden crevices of your mind. You will need to open up the hidden chambers of your heart.

But it is absolutely necessary because it is a vital step in breaking down a system that is ultimately breaking down and hurting all of us, with marginalized people receiving the worst of the pain.

This is soul evolution people. It won't always be easy. It hurts, but it is safe to say that this is where the cosmos is calling us to. This the process of creating heaven on earth. To get to heaven we must identify how we have created hell.

Sending Love ❤️✨❤️


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