The YIN and YANG Dualistic Cycle of Racism

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Both white people of color must do the work to dismantle white supremacy.

White people may be the very physical representation of the color and the power that supremacy encompasses

But if white supremacy is an energy, we are all affected by it.

First think of the hologram- The mirror, or even the coin - it has two sides, it takes both sides for it to even exist. It’s the YIN and the YANG.

We will not get anywhere if we only focus on aspects of the Yang, which in this case is the masculine and the exterior

We must also focus on what the YIN is manifesting, which is the feminine, the interior, and how it has been normalized.

We have coined the manifestation of white supremacy for people of color as internalized racism.

That is good it’s a step. But to truly understand energy- When we ask something of the YANG, we must hold the balance of the YIN. This means truly holding that energy from within us as well.

So, it takes both steps – Demand change on the outside (YANG) and work to change our selves on the inside (YIN).

So that is where holistic accountability comes in. For us to hold our systems accountable we must also hold ourselves accountable.

As BIPOC as we call on others to wake up to racial injustice, we must also hold ourselves holistically accountable for where we may have internalized the racism and perpetuated an unjust system.

Here are some examples

- Colorism or Anti-Blackness within the black community and other communities of color

- Anti-blackness

- Chauvinism and Misogyny in communities of color

- Internalized female oppression

- Unbalanced authoritarianism

- Ethnocentrism against other people of color

You might wonder why some of these don’t comfortably fall into the box of racism and I would add that one of the arms of the white supremacy system is the trauma of the patriarchy and its many manifestations. I would argue even further that a system that is rooted on viewing people as capital property and creating inferiority complexes that are attributed to value is bound to create traumatizing expressions for those who are most vulnerable and because its energetic, those that are most vulnerable play a role in continuing to perpetuate the trauma, essentially stabilizing the system.

So going back to the YIN and YANG – The Hologram – The mirror

The hologram basically says that we all are a reflection of each other. When you work by the hologram, the duality- you are able to use what someone else is showing you to help you evolve.

When working the hologram, you have to know a few things

- The person is on their own journey , and the pain or experience is real, the process does not negate that.

- It is not about being right or wrong, it’s about what are you being shown

- You must be honest with yourself and not judge yourself

- Invite your higher self to help you work through this

Here are the steps to the practice

1. Where does the energy that you are being shown show up from within you?

2. What is the root- A lot of times childhood

3. How has it shown up in your life, and outside of you- relationships-system..etc..

4. Transmutation- what did or do you want – ex: to be seen, heard, loved ( the opposite of your experience).

5. Transmutation- Where or how where you receiving what you wanted that you may have missed?

6. Embodiment- I AM- tell yourself, inner child, body that you are that which you seek.

7. Embodiment and practice

The more you become what you seek by engaging in the holographic work, the more you attract that and the more you manifest it into your world.

This essentially puts you in a better position to dismantle racism, because as you are asking others to be accountable you embody accountability.

I would suggest working with a coach that can guide you through this practice, because it can take some time before you can do it on your own. This meant to be a process of flow, moving through the emotions to gain clarity.

It is important for those who are doing this anti-racism work, to work the hologram. This is what is going to help to transmute the energy of racism and white supremacy.

I usually tell my white audiences that there is no way that they can’t be affected by racial bias after 500+ years of the manifestation of the energy. It’s easier for them to not see it and ignore it because it has manifested as a false utopia that is backed up by power which is essentially terrorism.

This is also true for black and brown people. Although black people have had no choice but to see it.

BIPOC have also experienced the extreme duality of the other side of the coin. Where whites are seemed superior, they felt inferior. Where there is white there is black. Where there is light then there is darkness. Where one is deemed is good than the other evil. Where one is abundant, the other scarcity. Where one is victorious the other the victim. White people have fed into this duality as it has served them, and BIOPC have internalized this false programming and have played a false role.

When we don’t challenge ourselves we continue to perpetuate the system and the system will just continue to recreate itself. Some things I’ve seen....

-The commodification of victimhood (we've seen this in hip hop and philanthropy. White gravitation to the poor and homeless people to amplify a cooler identity, also the root of gentrification.)

-The underdog champion

- only uplifting the poorest or the ones who have internalized the most

- non black faces championing the cause with black support and no self accountability

So, how do we change this, we all must all begin to seek the truths behind each individual veil, the lies that we have internalized, and choose to manifest love and what is in our highest good.

We must begin to envision a world where this kind of manifestation of duality is not necessary. It is not necessary for one two suffer for the other to thrive. We can begin to envision a world of balance and harmony, where there is more than enough for all.

Holistic accountability seeks to free BIPOC from playing this false game that comes with many deadly side effects regarding racism, and we must do the work from within as well to re cultivate the love for each other which white supremacy has so strategically dimmed.

This starts with holistic accountability.

If each person can commit to working for the purpose of the soul evolution, which is world evolution, then we can begin to see major changes.

I believe then we can live in a world where this unhealthy duality no longer exists, but we are all perfectly balanced from within ourselves which we be manifested as a world in harmony.

Rosie Blanc

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