Overcompensating Reveals Where We Feel A Lack of Worth

One of the challenges I've had as a business owner was simplifying. Recently I partnered with a wellness organization that paid me a sum of money to get something done.

As I worked on the project I wrote almost 6 pages of information. In my head I was visualizing how it would impact people, but in my heart I knew that I was giving too much. This is not what they paid for. What I was putting together was worth a lot more and was a project that would take days, and it called for more money.

I knew I needed to shorten it but I could not get myself to do it.

When I ended up sending it to the organization they went through it and broke it down to half a page. Simple and short answers.

I asked myself why could I not do this? Why did I feel like I had to give so much. Why did I equate a lot of information with value?

Often times it is the most simplified things that are of high value.

After a meditation I realized that much of my life I had used words, information, to protect myself, to separate my self from others.

Where I felt incomplete I utilized information to overcompensate, the lack I felt on the inside.

We can reconnect with our inner selves, our authentic selves through embracing simplicity again, through embracing ease.

We have to be able to identify where we feel lack, and why, then begin to embrace that we are enough.

Sometimes we complicate things that are truly meant to be easy and simple.

When you are over doing it, dare to take a moment and breath, choose the simple path.

Simplifying makes room for breath, healing and reminds you, you are worthy just as you are.


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