Integrating the Cosmic Cycles Into Your Business

There is a quote by JP Morgan out there and it goes by : “Millionares don’t use astrology billionaires do”.

Now it might not be your main goal and mission in life to be a billionaire but I can tell you from first hand experience it sure does help you become an aware and inner connected business owner.

Astrology Awareness can really help you navigate the cycles of your business. I make it a habit to keep my personal calendar updated on the transits and moon cycles.

In my personal experience I did not need to know every single transit but I just needed a brief overview of the transits so that I could be aware of how they were affecting my inner systems and the world around me. This helped me to navigate my business accordingly.

One example is that I learned that during the full moon and new moon cycles I need to slow down and cultivate more inner awareness. I observed that around that time if I did not slow down, I would feel anxious, it was hard for me to communicate and connect. It became clear I needed to become clear on what spiritual revelations that my inner moon was trying to communicate with me. This helped me cultivate more ease as a business owner.

Mercury retrograde cycles get a bad rap but they are actually our friend. Really like a self care friend. They are there to remind you to slow down, take a closer look, and reflect. Using this cycle to slow down rest and examine your work will help you realize new growth once the cycle is done.

I don't clam to be an astrology expert but I use trusted resources to help me navigate the current astrological transits. Here are some of my favorites:

- Moon Omens- Spiritual Astrology Updates

- Numerologist - Numerology and Astrological updates

- Sage Goddess Blog Periodic Astrological and cycle updates

- Kateria Knows - Periodic Collective Astrological updates

- Cafe Astrology - Your Yearly Astrological Transit Summarys

- The Planets Today see what the planets are looking like

For personal readings

- Elizabeth St. Germaine : Women Living in Love - Personal Coaching combined with Full Astrology Chart Analysis

How are utilizing astrology awareness within your business?

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