Closing The Racial Wealth Gaps In Our Subconscious Minds 

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Every time there is a shooting of a black woman or man, and a lack of justice around it, there is an energetic message that ripples out to our subconscious minds. Depending on your journey - you do either one of two things - you embrace the message or you seek to resist it. 

The message is a message of value and worth. When a black person is murdered so easily within the screens of our life over and over again it creates a normalcy around the murder of black people. It rings that the life of those who are black are low in value and can be taken at any time without  any or little repercussion.  To add salt to the wound when a white counter part does a crime his sentencing is not as vast as it would be if he were black. It feeds into the energetic and spiritual system of white supremacy.

Because we are not only flesh and bone and also spirit all that we do in the physical is also spiritual and all that is spiritual can be seen in the physical. One of the Universal laws is: as above so below - or as With- In so With - Out. Therefore on the physical and spiritual realm this contributes to the gap in the way we see ourselves and each other. These unseen and seen realities play upon the way we value each other based on the color of our skin.

  This is nothing new, this method of programming our subconscious minds to feed into a system of white supremacy-which sees white bodied people as the superior in value and the black bodied as inferior in value has been going on for a very long time. This has been done through Eugenics, Media, laws, history, the beauty industry...and the list goes on. When you are able to understand the energy and spirituality behind this you can begin to understand how you contribute to creating this reality. If 95% of our communication and creation is subconscious, no wonder the wealth gap is so wide between white people and black people. It is being maintained by our subconscous minds and repeated over and over again in consciousness. 

The murders that we are seeing on the screen of our lives is an emergent phenomenon of what has been stirring in the subconscious of this nation and our subconscious minds for long time. Now the emergency alarm is going off, it is either we allow this programming to destroy us from within or we resist and begin to consciously reprogram our subconscious minds both within us and outside of us. Resisting and doing our inner work not only opens us up to another layer of love but it also sends out a higher vibration of love to our planet helping to break down the barriers of separation and division between us both spiritually and physically.

This is why It is so important that each and every one of us commit to doing this important inner work on the individual, spiritual, and physical level regarding racism. This will lead to what I call inner-dimensional change leading to outer dimensional change. It will help to cut the chords of racism at its roots so that it does not and cannot recreate and reincarnate itself with another face.

As you do this work you have to be honest your self about your own biases and programming. This is where change will occur. If you allow yourself to normalize these killings you not only feed into the system of white supremacy but also cosign to the barbarism that is needed to uphold it. Within you lies the hope of humanity, where no human value can be reduced, including the color of their skin. 

Will you commit your self to this journey?


Are you an individual or wellness organization that is looking to dig deeper into this work? 

I work with businesses to integrate business and soul awareness within their businesses.

I also have specific programming that immerses holistic and spirit driven racial equity training within organizations and businesses.

I work one on one with individuals to help them work through their personal mindfulness journey surrounding racial equity and spirituality. 

Rosie Blanc 

Intuitive Personal Coach and Business Consultant 

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