My Journey To Living Through The Heart 

Hi I'm Rosie 

Though I don't like labels too much, I would like to share some of my story. 

I was born of two Haitian refugees, seeking political asylum in Minnesota. 

As I grew up in the middle of several realities, A Haitian- Black -Immigrant- American-Girl, I struggled to find my identity and where I fit in. 

I grew up in a strict religious family with who were doing the best they could to survive in a new world.

The story and my ancestors stayed in my spirit and for a young girl it was hard for me to make sense of it all. 

So as I struggled with depression I tried to find ways to prove to the world that I was fit and worthy. 

The more I denied my truth and authenticity for all the whims and acceptance that I though I needed, the more depressed I became worse. 

Through a series of events and rough life initiations I developed severe PTSD. 

It rocked my world. 

The girl who was the eloquent speaker, hope of black excellence, and pillar in her community, 

started to unravel right in front of the eyes of the world. 

Thats when my ancestors spoke to me. 

sought therapy and began my heart based spiritual journey. 

It led me to challenge everything I held true and transformed me like a butterfly. 

On my journey I worked with the most vulnerable people, young mothers, children taken out of custody, people struggling with addiction. 

I began to expand the way I saw life and I saw others.

It helped to expand my heart.

I began to understand the universe, the cosmos, and myself in a whole new way 

My journey changed me for the better. 

As I continue my journey of soul evolution I wanted to share my perspectives with others, through the lens of racial equity, business mindfulness and awareness, and spiritual courses. 

Our world needs it. 

In the conventional world I hold an MBA but I would like to say that I have a Masters of Body Awareness ; A Master of Business Awareness; A Master of Birth Right Awareness; A Master of Soul Awareness. 

Are you ready to Evolve? 

Are you ready to expand the way you know Love?

It is time to Begin Your Journey of Soul Evolution.